3 Actron Air Conditioning Unit Types for the Home

Air conditioners have been a part of our homes. If you’re living in a hot area or a place with humid weather, Actron Air is one of the best durable cooling systems available for you.


Air Conditioning Unit

A single-room AC unit effectively cools a room. This brand provides an affordable yet convenient price for single-room AC units. One type is the Serene Wall Hung Split that perfectly cools room temperature. Complete with a LED temp display and a remote control for adjusting settings, it’s most suitable for the home and office.

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If you’re in need of multiple aircon that’s operated by only a single outdoor unit, then you should be getting a multi-room unit from the manufacturer. There’s no need to install four different AC unit in adjoining rooms with different outdoor units just to try to be comfortable.

It’s multi-elite multi-split system conveniently cool-up a room without having to open the other units. One benefit of this is that no user will have the same temperature since they can adjust the settings differently with either a remote or walled controller.

Ducted Systems

If a multi-room aircon still doesn’t fit your space or maybe you’re not keen on installing units in every part of the area, then try the classic ducted system. Even with its larger build compared to the usual AC unit, it easily releases warmth through the circular vents placed on top of the unit. One of its advanced main features is that it can be controlled via a smartphone or laptop, something that the usual unit can’t do.

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