What is Interior Design?

Interior design is the practice of rearranging furniture, fixtures and lighting inside any space. It’s done to make the room more functional and aesthetically pleasing. It’s done by professional designers and is a common service done in both residential and commercial settings.

Why is it done?

The main purpose of the practice is to effectively use any space available. The process is highly reliant on the structure’s architecture because this dictates the area’s functionality. For residential purposes, its done to make home life more comfortable for those who are living in the space. It reflects the homeowner’s tastes and is built around their everyday routine.

Inerior Design

The practice is even more important in commercial settings. For those in the retail industry, sales are largely dictated by how the products are presented on the floor. Professionals renovators work to ensure that every item is showcased to the customer in an appealing manner. Furniture placement is used to help the customers navigate in a particular direction.

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In corporations, decors are important when meeting with clients. Their space is a direct reflection of their brand. This is called spatial branding. This signifies consistency amongst all aspects of the business – including the small details. It also helps make the space more comfortable for both employees and guests. In other cases, designs are done to increase the efficiency of the workplace.

It may surprise some to know that this process is very important in the healthcare industry. These are busy areas where emergencies can happen at any minute. Practitioners need to be able to move around and get to the equipment they need at a moment’s notice. To add to this, there are specific guidelines every establishment must follow.

On the other hand, healthcare establishments are places that also see emotionally and mentally vulnerable people. Patients tend to be anxious whilst waiting for their results, and families can wait for hours – even days – on end to know if their loved one is safe.

In healthcare establishments, functionality and comfort are top priorities. The fixture’s placement should be strategic, to help practitioners navigate the facility easily. It should also be comfortable, to help ease patients’ and families’ anxiety and pain.

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