Property Styling Trends to Keep Up With

Property Styling

Updating the look of your home is exciting. Not only can this help bring out your true style and personality, this can also make your space appear more inviting. If you’re looking to elevate the look of your space, here are some property styling trends you need to keep up with:

Property Styling

Property Styling

Moody Interior Paint Colours

One of the biggest trends this year is using darker colours for your home’s interior. As a matter of fact, one of the popular colours of the year is called the Black Flame. This beautifully blends black and navy together, allowing all other furniture and fixtures to shine. This is perfect for those who want to let their decorative pieces pop. If you want to try this out, consider putting this in rooms where the sun rises so that it can keep your space from looking too moody.

Decorative Knits and Fringes

There is a high demand for natural and organic pieces. One way in which you can incorporate this trend is to use macramé decorations and knits. You can hang these on your walls and let this fixture take centre stage. Likewise, you can use fringed blankets, pillows and weaved rugs to lend some Zen-like approach to an otherwise boring space. The textures from these fibres will certainly add depth and dimension to your place.

Warm Colour Schemes

Warm colour schemes are all the rage these days. Not only do these hues make rooms appear brighter and cosier, it also makes your space feel bigger. If you want to try out this style, start by adding earthy brown hues, warm reds, yellows and even gold and brass metallics to spice up your area.

Resort-Inspired Bathrooms

There’s nothing like taking a long, hot shower at the end of the day. What more can top this, right? You guessed it: resort-inspired bathrooms. Make your restroom more inviting by adding rattan furniture, natural materials, plants and even a spa. This way, you can feel pampered even whilst you’re at home.

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